2 Hours Heavy Fire Outbreak-Resistance!

Proven quality, ever lasting safety and elegance

Emilinks fireproof doors are extra durable fire rated doors with anti-scratch skin surface and rock-wool filler. They look after you and your surroundings with a choice of trustworthy and long lasting closure systems that distinguish your surroundings with style. Our fireproof doors come in a range of steel, glass and wooden variations with proven quality, ever lasting safety and elegance.

All Emilinks fireproof doors come with a standard self-closure system. In order to improve ease of use, the door can be equipped with V-boom, sliding or leaf-enclosed door closers. A reinforcement is always fitted inside the doors, on the pull-side, in order to improve the structure of the door in case of a door closer is fitted or retro-fitted.

The hinges provided with the fireproof doors also allow to perform a future set-up of the door to compensate possible wall and installation imperfections. The door frame includes the fire or smoke seals, door hardware, and the structure that holds the fireproof door assembly in place.

Our fireproof doors are available in wide range of colours and ideal for homes, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, machine rooms, cinemas, restaurants and any public building. They deliver the dependability, reliability and style you expect only from Emilinks – the No. 1 Door Brand in Nigeria!

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Technical Information

  • Self-Closing Hinges
  • Hinge Housing
  • Solid core
  • Strike-plate
  • Lock mechanism
  • Intumescent fire strip & smoke seals
  • Thickness 90 mm.
  • Frame 53 x 55 or 65 mm with detachable threshold
  • Durable hinges and closing regulator (fire rated doors)
  • Various special frames available