Security without compromise

Unrivaled Security with cutting edge technology

Never compromise on the security of your home or property. Provide your family with peace of mind behind the strength of Emilinks bespoke security doors.

At the heart of all Emilinks security doors is a solid steel frame, that will not warp, twist or crack. We combine sophisticated engineering with attractive design to offer you the ultimate in security, style and peace of mind.

Emilinks security doors are rigorously tested and proven to be fire, heat, sound, burglar and weather proofs. Whatever is thrown at these doors they will hold firm ensuring the safety of everyone, and everything, inside the building.

Thanks to modern burglar resistance technologies, all Emilinks security doors are able to satisfy different levels of protection and security, starting from Class 2 all the way up to the maxium Class 4.

  • Class 2 offers a good level of protection against burglar resistance, preventing break in through physical strength of the burglar or the use of common tools as lever, screwdriver, wedge etc.
  • Class 3 protection level is the most common for Emilinks security doors and guarantees superb resistance to silent but destructive burglar attempts with tools such as big screwdriver or jemmy. They can be used in many different settings as main entrances of houses.
  • Class 4 protection level assures the highest levels of security against break in, made by an expert burglar that could also use drills, saws, hatches, hammer etc. They are particularly suitable for main entrances of villas, detached houses or commercial buildings at risk.
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Technical Information

  • Press-formed 10/10 galvanized double sheet-metal door
  • 3 central 10/10 press-formed omega shaped reinforcements
  • Internal insulation with soundproofing material
  • Brown marble coloured frame in 20/10 steel
  • Steel adjuster on the frame
  • 3 fixed bolts on hinged side
  • Adjustable anti-break-in-hinges
  • 2 three-pin directional converters
  • EPDM seal between door and frame
  • Opening restrictor
  • European cylinder lock with 4 bolts, spring lock and holding system
  • European cylinder with five owner keys and one construction key
  • Anti-drill defender
  • Automatic draft control bar
  • Brown hinge caps
  • Bronze-coloured handles
  • Wide-angle door viewer
  • Wooden internal frames
  • Brown door-closing sheet metal
  • “Class 4″ Certification

Dimensions: 900mm By 2100mm

The Door Leaf Thickness: 90mm

Wall Thickness: Varies From 260 inches To 300 inches

Extra Height: 2.4mm Is Also Available.

All Emilinks Security Doors come with Frames, Hinges, Cylinder, Handles and Locks.